Why with us

Special attention is paid to all clients, as we take many factors into account including, different languages, customs and cultural differences, to ensure their travel throughout Vietnam is appreciated and enjoyed. the skilled management of all services provided allows us to give top rated transport options to all.Through the speedy system devised, we can ensure smooth and safe movement of our clients during transfers, tours or in any emergency situation.

Our office applies the most advanced operating efficiencies and management controls that will allow corporations to benefit and fulfill all of their travel requirements.We have an acute understanding of the need for corporations to reign in and control costs, at a time when travel and entertainment costs have ballooned to be the third largest controllable expense on the company books.

Hanoi Transfer Services meets that challenge.With our skills, expertise, and movement system, our professional staff will provide a service that yields maximum benefits for corporate travel.Our office enjoys a capacity to ensure the best arrangements at the lowest available prices for our corporate travelers, and our clients will also benefit from discounted rates and special services from our partners.

HTS will expedite the process of securing and confirming reservations, no matter where the destination is.


Our 24hour, 7 days a week services, combine capable and skilled management with a fast and efficient fleet of vehicles, ready to transfer clients at a moment’s notice.  Our drivers are all competent and well trained people, to ensure your comfort and safety during your journey, and to educate them to understand what the word “service” means.  Drivers are carefully vetted to make sure they are the right people for the job, and we make constant checks of all of their papers, i.e.  registrations, licenses etc. are all up to date. These trained professionals are the frontline of our service and take their tasks seriously.The employees who work in our office understand that time is of the essence when handling your calls, and you can rest assured that punctuality is at the forefront of all of our staff. When our vehicles arrive to transfer you, the drivers will take care of your luggage and other possessions as if they were their own, and place them in the vehicle, and on arrival at your destination, they will again treat your possessions with the care they deserve.Hanoi Transport Service has a pricing structure equal, if not cheaper, than other comparable services and we are positive that if you require a vehicle for any reason, and try us, you will use our service over and over again.